Keynesianism and the Great Recession: An Interview with Walden Bello

Mar 02

From Triple Crisis “We need to work towards a post-capitalist system that aims at promoting equality, enhances instead of destroys the environment, is based on cooperation, and is engaged in planning to achieve short term, medium term, and long-term goals. In this scheme, finance would function to link savings to investment and savers to investors, instead of...

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Alternative views of the economic crisis: Walden Bello Interviewed by the BBC

Feb 09

Meanwhile, different debates were taking place at the "alternative" World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil. There, an eclectic mix of some 100,000 campaigners, thinkers, and working people came to starkly different conclusions about the causes of the downturn, and how best to address it. We asked four participants from around the globe to give us their...

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‘WSF had a prophetic voice’

Feb 02

Walden Bello has attended every World Social Forum. He is a senior analyst at Focus on Global South, president of the Freedom from Debt Coalition and a professor at the University of the Philippines.As the WSF was winding down in Belem in Brazil, Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo spoke with Bello about his thoughts on this year's meeting. Al Jazeera: How has the...

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Walden Bello: ‘It is time to aim beyond capitalism’

Feb 01

In the context of the current global crisis, what is the WSF's most relevant task? We are at a very critical historical junction in which neoliberal capitalism unravels and I think that the WSF is a site where very serious discussions should be taking place, in terms of both anticipating what is the likely response of global capitalism as well as pushing forward...

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Walden Bello interviewed by Alejandro Kirk on the World Social Forum

Mar 08

IPS: You have suggested that the WSF turns into a "new form". How do you see the future and shape of the WSF? WB: Taking stands on key issues like US aggression in the Middle East, Zionist oppression of the Palestinian people, and the poverty-creating neoliberal paradigm is vital to making the WSF vibrant and relevant. Refusing to take stands on the...

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“There Must Be a U-turn to Create Healthy Domestic Markets”

Jan 20

Born in the Philippines in 1945, Dr. Bello is the author of more than 10 books, including "People and Power in the Pacific" (1992), "Dark Victory: The United States and Global Poverty" (1999), "Global Finance: Thinking on regulating speculative capital markets" (2000) and "The Future in the Balance: Essays on globalisation and...

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