Confronting the Continuing Power Crisis

Nov 29

Power rates in the Philippines are the highest in Asia and rank fifth in the world.  Brownouts lasting several hours a day have plagued Mindanao during the last few months and the Department of Energy (DOE) warns of disruptions and shortages in the near future in Luzon.  Thus, it was not surprising that at the hearings on the 2013 budget at the House of...

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China’s Transformation: A Southeast Asian Perspective

Nov 14

Over the last week, China has been undergoing a once-in-a-decade leadership transition.  It is an event that will have major implications for China’s neighbors in Southeast Asia.  Given this, it might be worthwhile to review the changing appreciation of the momentous developments in China on the part of people in our region, using my generation—the so-called “baby...

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Obama’s victory: How it happened and what it means

Nov 08

Washington, DC, Nov 7, 2012–The polls had pointed to a very close election, and those of us who gathered around a television set here in a friend’s house in Washington, D.C., expected to be up till 3 a.m. to find out the final results. But by around 11:15 p.m. (US East Coast time), it was all over. All the major television networks projected a victory for Barack...

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Stuck with Obama

Oct 29

As many pundits have noted, if the rest of the world were voting in the US elections, the third presidential debate would probably have proceeded differently. America, the Exception But given the fact that only about 200 plus million people on earth are eligible to vote for the man whose policies will impact on all of us, the evening, as expected, turned into an...

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Economic crisis shakes old paradigms

Oct 22

The world will soon enter the 6th Year of the Great Recession, and there is no end in sight. In the United States, stagnation continues to reign and some 23 million Americans remain out of work, are involuntarily employed part time, or have simply dropped out of the work force in frustration. This is a condition that now threatens to result in President Barack...

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Healing Syria’s Gushing Wound

Sep 24

(This article was co-authored with Richard Javad Heydarian.*) Almost 18 months after the onset of popular-democratic protests, the Syrian revolution increasingly resembles a bloody marathon with no clear finish line on the horizon. Unlike the “lightning” revolutions in North Africa, namely Tunisia and Egypt, which took only few weeks to overthrow Arab strongmen such...

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