Capitalism’s Last Stand?: Deglobalization in the Age of Austerity

Jul 08

Capitalism’s Last Stand?: Deglobalization in the Age of Austerity

In this eye-opening and often scathing book, Walden Bello provides a forensic dissection of contemporary capitalism’s multiple crises. Trenchant but constructive, Bello’s analysis of the collapse of the global real economy – covering such issues as the Wall Street meltdown, the disintegration of the Greek economy and the rise of China – emphasizes the ever more pressing need to engage in a radical process of ‘deglobalization’ towards a decentralized, pluralistic world system. Only then will we be able to construct a fairer and more equitable society.

A stirring call to arms for all those interested in global economic justice.

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  1. Heather Gray /

    Dear Mr. Bello – I have been a great admirer of yours for years. I was in the Philippines in the 1989 and traveled the length and breadth of the country during this excessively violent period. I have books/comments by you that I refer to often. I used to work for Coretta Scott King as the director of her non-violent program in Atlanta in the mid-1980’s. I have subsequently worked with Black farmers across the south on cooperative economic development and when in the Philippines I spent time – but not enough – with farmers in Negros and the Cordillera. Also knew Ephrahim Bajar and traveled with him an others to exhume graves in Negros of those who had been killed by paramilitary groups. I was there because my former husband was an Australian diplomat. I have followed your career as much as I can. I am also a friend of Prexy Nesbitt who I think you know as well as Jorge Lawton who I am sure you knew as well.

    Here are a couple my article also on Counterpunch where I see an article by you is posted today.

    What the Dead Might Tell Us: The Spiral of Violence

    he Case of the Philippines
    Militarization is Not an Answer for Economic Development or Reconstruction

    In any case, I would relish being able to correspond with you. I have wanted to do this for years. I also have a radio show n Atlanta and would also be honored to interview you at some point if at all possible.

    My email address is [email protected]. My phone number is 404 234 4630.

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Please contact me at some point.

    Peace and thanks so much for your great work.

    Heather Gray

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